1. How to change a whole group of prescribers - simultaneously 

The Bulk Edit Prescriber feature allows you to do this, based on a variety of different criteria.

2. Dentists and Midwives period of supply restrictions lifted. 

Perhaps it would be helpful to put a note on all the dentists in the pharmacy system that reminds dispensary staff of the change?

3. Create a list of Dentists

  • 9. Other
  • 3. Bulk edit prescribers
  • space bar on professional group, select 5. Dentists
  • F12 Accept Details

A list of prescribers identified as dentists are displayed

4. Put a note on all these dentists to remind the staff of the change

A warning note OR general note can be setup. Using bulk edit the general note can be set to prompt the user as well – from.

  • F5 set notes 
  • 1 Append to note (or 4 set warning note)
  • Type note
  • F12 Accept Details

and if the user is also to be prompted to read the note...

  • F5 Set notes
  • 7. set/unset 'prompt note', click Set
  • F12 Accept
  • Do you want these prescribers to be changed? Yes

When a dentist is next selected the helpful note reminds staff