Should my Supplier records have Pricelists attached to them?

Some stores still appear to have pricelists linked directly on supplier records. This is a historical setup (before selecting pricelists was available on the order type screen) and may be impacting (limiting) your ordering - particularly for suppliers whose pricelists have been changed, renamed or where multiple pricelists can now be used.

In the example below the Thompsons pricelist is no longer available and has not been updated since June 2009. All new Integria automated orders will be limited as this old, discontinued Thompsons pricelist is still attached to the updated / renamed Integria supplier record.

If the Integria pricelist is listed on the Order type and the TN pricelist is listed on the associated supplier record – only products available on both pricelists would be recalled, ie no new / recent Integria items.

Finding the offending suppliers

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 6 Reports, 4 Audit/Utility reports, 3 General lists, 8 More list reports, 2 Supplier
  • Don’t set anything just F12 [Accept Details] then F9 [View Screens] or F10 [View Pages]
  • Review each supplier – you are looking for a Pricelist name being displayed in the second line in the right hand column. Record all suppliers that have a pricelist detailed

Correcting the supplier records

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 2 Stock Control, 7 Maintain Suppliers
  • Type in part of the supplier name, press Enter and select them from the list displayed
  • Go to the ‘Price list’ field, press Delete on your keyboard then F12 [Accept Details]

Some pricelists are of course still applicable for the supplier in question. However, you can add this at the ‘Price list’ field on your Order type instead, making the setup and criteria immediately visible whilst still recalling ‘currently available’ products into your order.