!!! Important !!!

Toniq Retail now downloads pricelists automatically! This will help save time when applying pricelist updates.

If you would like to stop pricelists downloading automatically, this feature can be disabled through the General options.

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 7 Administration
  • 1 Setup
  • 8 General options
  • Press F11 [Next Page] twice
  • Make sure Download data files is ticked
  • Press F12 [Accept Details]

Activating Newer Pricelists and the "Price list information"

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 2 Stock Control, 6 Pricelists, Sell-Check, 3 Check/Download Pricelists
  • Downloading Pricelists/Processing Pricelists.... box will appear on your screen

Toniq Retail will check against the pricelist files already on your server, and then color code this list accordingly:

ORANGEAn orange pricelist file denotes that this is a pricelist with updates required.
BLUEA blue pricelist file denotes that the pricelist file you have on your server is already the latest one and has been updated, so no action is required. There are no newer updates currently available. Downloading it again will make no difference.
BLACKA black pricelist file denotes that this is a pricelist that you do not currently use in your Retail system. Normally, you’ll have no need to download this file – unless you have decided to run/use this new pricelist.
GREENA green pricelist file denotes that there is a newer pricelist file available for download (newer than the pricelist that you have currently on database).
  • Press F5 [Select Newer] to select the NEWER files available
  • Press F7 [Dn/Ld Files] to download these newer files 
  • Select [OK] to confirm download completion

!!! Important !!! With the new automatic P/Ls updates feature it is rare to have green pricelists. If you are continually seeing green P/Ls please contact Toniq support on (03) 3410195 so we could investigate and eliminate the problem.
REDLines shown in RED are price lists where the file on the system is newer than the one to be downloaded! If any items show in red, please call Toniq Support with the name of the price list ASAP.

  • Now look for the orange pricelists. Arrow down to highlight one of these pricelists
    The Add/Chng column to the right will tell you the number of new products being added and the number of products being changed. There may also be notes specific to this pricelist displayed in the grey area at the bottom of this screen

  • Press F2 [Maint P/L]

  • Optional: review pricelist reports BEFORE updating pricelist
    Removed Products:  Report Removed (F6 then F10)
    You are looking for products that will need a new Std. pricelist after this update.
    Escape or [F12] Print

    Product Updates/Changes: Report Change (F7 then F10)
    If you have already manually added some products from this supplier (and a matching criteria eg barcode or manufacturer code has been found) there may be some pricing changes displayed here.
    Escape or [F12] Print

    New Products Being Added: Report New (F8 then F10)
    It is particularly important to review this list if you have been manually adding some products for this company. If products that you already HAVE IN STOCK or have ADDED MANUALLY to your database appear on this list, a duplicate product will be created and you will need to merge the new and manually created product together after updated. Escape or F12 [Print]

  • Then select F9 [Update Prod] and [Yes] to continue with update

  • If there are PLU code changes you will be prompted to ‘Generate label jobs’. Always answer Yes to this question and check ‘Label Jobs’ for any new label job that needs printing as soon as you have finished the update.

    NB: These label jobs should be printed and items re-stickered immediately as existing price labels may no longer scan.

    NB: There may NOT be a label job if you have no stock of these items or they don’t use a Price label type
  • When the update finishes, press F12 Accept Details twice to return to the menu