To set up fees for Dosepacks, Deliveries, Faxed Prescriptions, Winz Reports etc

Edit a 'Toniq Fee' generic 'medicine' – there are a number of these on your medicine database.

 Customers should be advised about fees: Why not print a schedule on the back of your A5 Insurance receipts, or use the Main receipt option 'message' that can be printed on A5 receipts (Set up: Go to Administration > Setup > Printer Setup > Insurance receipt details)

'Fee' Setup

Go to 2. Stock Control

4. Maintain Medicine,

Press F7 Show Hidden and Enter 'Toniq Fee'

EDIT each FEE to 

  • Tailor Description 
  • Set Shortcut (optional)
  • Tick FEE
  • Remove Toniq note.  (F11 Next Page to do this)

Before you save the 'fee' Press F4 Stock

  • Give your fee some stock e.g. 1.
  • Both the Non Diminishing AND Don’t Order options will be automatically ticked.
  • Press F12 TWICE to save Stock and Fee details.