1) Set the special period

From the Main Menu:

  • 2. Stock Control
  • 3. Stock Maintenance
  • 2. Maintain Products
  • Select your product and press F11 [Next Page]
  • Set the Start and Finish dates/times for the promotion period

2) Decide what kind of special you want

To sell the product at a set price,

  • Set the quantity to 1
  • Put the new ‘special’ price into the Price / Item field
  • F11 twice and F12 [Accept Details]

OR to sell a multiple qty of a product for a particular discounted dollar value,

  • Click in the ‘Quantity’ field (so that it is highlighted yellow)
  • F9 [Disc Calc key] - a new window will pop up (below) which calculates the percentage discount the dollar value represents.

  • F12 [Accept] and the quantity and percentage discount will be transferred to the main screen.
  • F11 twice and F12 [Accept Details]

NB: There are several other methods you can choose to special your product, including the ability to set up a special across an entire department for example. For more detailed instructions on these options, please contact the team at Toniq.