Have you ever had a customer complain that their debtor balance is incorrect and then had to ‘fix it up’? 

Debtor balances might become skewed when journal entries have been raised for previous months or when debtor related transactions in previous months have been edited.

Capture these anomalies before printing/emailing your statements…

1) Rebalance Accounts

Rebalance accounts prior to applying fees and discounts and printing/emailing statements. 

  • 3 Debtors
  • 9 Rebalance accounts
  • ‘Y’ Yes to Proceed with rebalance (this can take a few minutes to run)

2) Apply Fees and Discounts (if you do this)

  • 3 Debtors
  • 4 Apply fees and discounts
  • Confirm the month you are applying fees for by pressing Enter
  • ‘Y’ Yes to confirm fees and discounts are to be applied

3) Print/Email Statements

  • 3 Debtors
  • 5 Print Statements
  • Check the Period you are printing your statements for
  •  Email or/and Print statements according to your usual procedure

NB: Debtor Email is an add-on module. If you are interested in this module please contact Toniq on 03 341 0195.