ePrescribing Rollout

Medical Practices are gradually beginning to print Barcoded Rx forms indicating that they are generating electronic prescriptions (eRxs).

Patients should be able to take their barcoded prescriptions to any pharmacy to fill, although the dispensing of controlled drug eRx's have a few extra conditions.

Pharmacies need to be registered to process ePrescriptions, most already are but if the first scanned barcode generates an error referring to registration, contact the Toniq helpdesk.

Registration to use NZePS does not cost pharmacy anything.

When Will Our Local Doctors Start to Use the NZePS?

Each DHB has an NZePS contact who will communicate with pharmacies in their region.  During 2017 pharmacies will be kept informed as practices decide to implement the NZePS.  The MOH Contact Centre may be able to help with more information about particular practices: onlinehelpdesk@moh.govt.nz

What Does My Pharmacy Need to Do?

  1. Make sure a barcode scanner is available in the dispensary (scanning or entering the barcode number should cause the relevant eRx to download)
  2. Consider administrative process change e.g. A signed barcoded FAX that downloads successfully does not need to be followed by the original and can be claimed immediately. Exceptions are controlled drugs faxed Rxs, these originals must still be sought
  3. Be aware that electronic prescriptions have the capacity to carry extra information not printed on the paper form (indicated by an envelope logo). Extra information includes for example: the prescribing reason, or a prescriber request  e.g. an LTC assessment or a general comment.

Note:  If the envelope is on the electronic prescription but there is no prescriber's comment on the eRx, it may be because the prescriber has requested to be notified by the Medtech system within a selected number of days if the medication has not been dispensed and there is no actual comment to be viewed.

Still Require Help?

We have a detailed manual on ePrescribing which is available on any Toniq workstation. To access this on:

  • Windows 7: Start button – All Programs – Toniq Manuals folder should be listed. Alternatively, click Start button and type in Toniq Manuals
  • Windows 8/10: Start button – All Apps, Toniq folder is listed under T. Alternatively, click Start button and type in Toniq Manuals

To discuss your readiness for scanning ePrescriptions or any problems once you start scanning, please call our helpdesk on 03 341 0195 


For non Toniq issues, email onlinehelpdesk@moh.govt.nz with NZEPS in the subject line. Attach a screen shot/photo of the issue including the barcode if possible.