Selecting products with POS notes

From the Main Menu:

  • 2 Stock control, 3 Stock maintenance, 1 Maintain products in bulk
  • F3 [Add]
  • Press F11 [Next Page] twice and tick ‘Has POS note’
  • F12 [Accept Details] to generate the list
    NB: This will now show you all products that have a POS note and are NOT hidden

Now you need to group the products together by putting them into a collection of your choice (e.g. Catalogue, (Product) Type, Stocktake Section).

Grouping products together

  • Press F5 [Set P1 Opts] and select your collection of choice – in this instance 3 Product type
  • Type POS Notes and press enter (F3 [Add] and F12 [Accept Details] to accept the new product type)
  • F12 [Accept Details] twice and Y [Yes] to a prompt.

Now you need to run a report which shows you products and their POS Notes.


Reviewing products POS notes

From the Main Menu: 

  • 6 Reports, 1 Product reports, 6 Product Details
  • F3 [Add] and give the report a name like ‘POS notes’
  • Select your collection you created in MPIB above (in this example Product type and select POS notes)
  • F11 [Page 2] and then select your choice of information you wish to see (e.g. 1A - product description, 1B - product pharmacode, 1V - product POS notes)

  • F11 [Page 1] and then F12 [Accept Details]
  • F10 [View Pages] or alternatively export to csv using the F5 [Csv File] option